JDM Stickers for Your JDM Style Car

JDM stickers are truly getting popular in recent times particularly among drift or street racers. These vinyl stickers give protection in addition to glamour and style to one's car. For that reason, these JDM style stickers are now easy to get to in any country.

JDM Decals

JDM stickers are available in a lot of style. Several are designed in a solid form vinyl and some of them are lucid. The solid ones make a gallant appearance on the car whereas the lucid vinyl stickers expose the color of the car as part of the sticker contour. Both look striking as it depends mostly on the type of the vinyl.

Applying these JDM stickers are simple and you don't need any expertise to do it. This is one of the reasons as well why these stickers are selling just like hot cakes.

JDM style stickers are intended for the beautification of cars. These stickers have a lot of advantages that is why racers and other car owners apply them in their cars. Not only these stickers become long-lasting because of its substance, but it also stick better. Still, their adhesive is not that permanent so that anytime when the car owner thinking about to sell the car or thinking about change the overall appearance, they can immediately strip it off with no difficulty.

Here, let me introduce couple really famous JDM decals:

Shoshinsha mark or also called Wakaba mark, introduced in 1972, is a green and yellow V-shaped symbol that new Japanese drivers must display on their cars for one year. A driver must display this mark on the front and back of the car for one year after they obtain a standard driver's licence. This obligation is only for a standard license, not for motorcycles, large vehicles, special cars and so on. Drivers who consider themselves beginners may continue to display the sign, even after the period of a year.

The mark is also increasingly being used by JDM enthusiasts in other countries, such as Australia, Malaysia, Malta, the U.K and U.S.A. to show their passion and interest in JDM culture. Some have taken the Shoshinsha shape and replaced the original green and yellow colors with their own flag to distance themselves from the "beginner" label, while still showing their enthusiasm for JDM car culture. There are even sites specializing in producing these "custom" wakaba badges. Thus, in countries besides Japan, the Shoshinsha mark has become more of a decorative decal rather than a traffic warning.

Domo is the official mascot of Japan's NHK television station, appearing in several 30 second stop-motion interstitial sketches shown as station identification during shows.

Domo-kun first appeared in short stop-motion sketches in December 1998 to mark the 10th anniversary of NHK's satellite broadcasting. The name "Domo" was acquired during the second episode of his show in which a TV announcer said, "domo, konnichiwa", which is a greeting meaning something along the lines of, "Well, hello there!", but which can also be interpreted as "Hello, Domo", and thus is a convenient pun (dajare). The kun suffix on "Domo-kun," the name used to describe the character in the Japanese versions, is a Japanese honorific often used with young males.

So what are you waiting for? Just go and get some JDM style stickers for your JDM car and show others that you are real JDM lovers.

JDM Decals


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